Boost Your E-Ecommerce Sales & Cut Costs with Mentum AI

Cut 90% of product listing and localisation costs, increase conversion and discoverability.

Adopting Mentum AI has been a game-changer for us. We’ve slashed product listing costs by 90% and supercharged conversion rates. No more manual work for product listings and localisations. Mentum AI’s scalability easily handles our large product catalogue. It’s a must for any e-comm.
Senior ExecutiveMajor Online Nordic Retailer

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Automate Your E-Commerce Today

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Source Product Information

Forget manual hunting for specifications - our platform automatically fetches detailed product information using EAN/UPC codes or directly from supplier websites. Streamline data collection, enhancing efficiency and consistency in your product catalog.

Automated Taxonomy

Mentum AI revolutionizes product categorization with our automated taxonomy feature. By applying AI algorithms, we accurately classify and organize your products into distinct categories and subcategories.

Product Attribute Matching

Say goodbye to inconsistency with Mentum AI's product attribute matching. Our AI-powered solution standardizes product attributes across your catalog, ensuring accurate, comparable data that enhances your customers' shopping experience. Drive higher conversions with accurately matched product attributes.

Product Descriptions

The Mentum automation platform will generate product descriptions in accordance with your templates and specifications.


Mentum AI generates multilingual product content tailored to your target audience’s language and culture. Break down language barriers, engage with your international customers more effectively, and boost your global sales with Mentum AI’s localization capabilities.


Turbocharge your SEO performance with Mentum AI. Our platform optimizes your product listings for search engines, improving your website's visibility and driving more organic traffic.

Scale Your E-Commerce

ScaleNo matter how many products you add to your e-commerce each month, whether it be 100 or a million, Mentum AI will automate your product listing so that you can focus on expanding your business.
Increase RevenueEnhancing your e-commerce with accurate product content, SEO-friendly descriptions, precise specifications, and localized content will significantly boost your sales.
Save CostsNo more manual, slow and expensive product content creation. Mentum AI will automate for you all.

Ready to get Started?

We will show you how to accelerate your e-commerce today.

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