Boost Sales with Automated Product Content!

Mentum AI handles all product content - from detailed product specifications to localized, unique product content. Simplify your e-commerce content needs in one go!

Adopting Mentum AI has been a game-changer for us. We’ve slashed product listing costs by 90% and increased conversion rates. No more manual work for product listings and localisations. Mentum AI’s scalability easily handles our large product catalogue. It’s a must for any e-comm.
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Boost Your Store with Mentum AI: Automated, Quality Content Made Easy

Mentum AI revolutionizes e-commerce by automating high-quality product content creation. With just a GTIN (EAN/UPC), we provide detailed specifications, engaging multilingual descriptions, and comprehensive content like titles and meta descriptions, all unique to your store. This effortless, automated approach enhances your product listings, boosts global appeal, and sets you apart in the competitive market. Let Mentum AI elevate your online presence and drive sales with minimal effort.

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Compatible with Custom and Major E-Commerce Platforms

Easy API integration into Custom Platform or Module for Platform



Boost Your Product Content

Avoid losing customers due to poor product information. Research shows 3 out of 4 shoppers turn away with inadequate details. Mentum AI helps you provide the quality information they seek.

  • Instantly Showcase Products that SellShowcase accurate, captivating, and comprehensive product information that hooks customers at the crucial decision point. Boost purchase conversions by up to 29% with Mentum AI, your secret weapon for ecommerce success.
  • Kiss Bounce Rates GoodbyeFrustrated with visitors leaving without exploring? Mentum AI delivers localized, relevant content that keeps them engaged on your site. Guide them through a seamless and captivating journey, transforming casual browsers into loyal customers.
  • Slash Return RatesEmpower informed purchases with detailed specifications and crystal-clear descriptions. Mentum AI helps customers understand exactly what they're buying, leading to happier customers and fewer returns.
  • Automate and Save 90%Ditch the manual grind and embrace lightning-fast, automatic content delivery. Mentum AI reduces product listing costs by a staggering 90%, freeing up your resources for bigger wins.
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Why Mentum AI is unique?

Mentum AI offers unique and exceptional service for e-commerce.

  • Custom ContentEach e-commerce platform gets unique and personalised content, ensuring that the product descriptions, titles, and metadata are tailor-made to fit the specific brand and product needs.
  • Wide Range of Category SupportMentum AI supports a vast array of product categories, catering to diverse e-commerce needs. From mainstream products to niche items, our platform is designed to deliver accurate and detailed information across various industries, making it a versatile solution for all types of e-commerce businesses.
  • Advanced Localization CapabilitiesMentum AI talks your languages. With the ability to generate content in multiple languages, Mentum AI offers robust localization support. This feature is crucial for e-commerce platforms targeting global markets, ensuring that product information resonates with customers from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
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Scale Your E-Commerce

ScaleNo matter how many products you add to your e-commerce each month, whether it be 100 or a million, Mentum AI will automate your product listing so that you can focus on expanding your business.
Increase RevenueEnhancing your e-commerce with accurate product content, SEO-friendly descriptions, precise specifications, and localized content will significantly boost your sales.
Save CostsNo more manual, slow and expensive product content creation. Mentum AI will automate for you all.

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Frequently asked questions answered

What is Mentum AI?

Mentum AI is an innovative platform that focuses on automating and enhancing e-commerce product content. Our platform is designed to provide detailed product specifications and other vital content quickly and efficiently, aiming to streamline the content creation process for e-commerce businesses.

What are the benefits of Mentum AI?

The primary advantage of using Mentum AI lies in driving sales through optimal content. Additionally, it offers substantial time and cost efficiencies, enhances the accuracy and quality of product listings, broadens global accessibility with content in multiple languages, and generates unique content that elevates SEO and customer engagement.

How Does Mentum AI Provide Product Data?

Mentum AI utilizes GTIN (EAN/UPC) codes to provide product data. E-commerce stores are required to submit the GTINs of their products. Upon receiving these GTIN codes, Mentum AI retrieves and returns the comprehensive product data needed for each specific product.

What is the Integration of Mentum AI?

Mentum AI can be integrated in two ways:
API Integration: Mentum AI can be integrated directly into your E-Commerce Product Management Platform. If you are using popular platforms like Magento, PrestoShop, Shopify, etc., we likely already have a ready-made integration module. This pre-built module simplifies and speeds up the integration process.
JavaScript (JS) Solution: For quick integration, we offer a JavaScript solution that enhances product specifications and descriptions. This method is straightforward and can be implemented rapidly.For personalised assistance and to find the integration method that best suits your needs, please contact us.

How Can Your Product Data Be Integrated with My Existing E-commerce Product Schemas?

We offer an attribute mapping tool that allows you to align our product schema attributes with yours. This tool is equipped with AI features that, in many cases, can automatically map most of the attributes for ease of integration. Additionally, our staff can assist with the mapping process during integration to ensure seamless compatibility with your existing e-commerce product schemas.

What Kind of Brands Do You Cover?

Our focus is on providing information for as many products as possible, covering a diverse range of brands. We cater to both large, well-known brands and smaller, niche brands. Our goal is to offer comprehensive product information, irrespective of the brand’s size or popularity.

What Kind of Verticals Do You Cover?

We are vertical agnostic, meaning we cover a broad range of industry verticals. However, it’s important to note that some small, niche categories within certain verticals might not yet be included in our coverage. We are constantly expanding our range, adding new supported categories from various verticals daily. Additionally, we can add support for specific required categories upon request.

What Languages Do You Cover?

We offer extensive language support, covering more than 26 languages and continuously experimenting with more. Our team is regularly adding new translation models to expand our linguistic capabilities. If you have a specific request for a particular language, let us know. We might already be working on adding it to our supported languages.

What Kind of Product Content Do You Provide?

We primarily provide product specifications data. In addition, we offer customised product content tailored for each client. This content includes product descriptions, titles, meta descriptions, and various other types of content, all available in multiple languages. Our service is designed to cater to your specific needs in a multilingual format.

Will Our Product Content Be Unique? Will It Affect SEO?

Yes, all product descriptions, titles, and any other custom content provided by us will be unique to your store. We ensure there is no duplication of content, which not only maintains the uniqueness of your product listings but also positively supports your SEO efforts.

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