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What is a good product description?

A good product description should clearly and accurately describe the features and benefits of a product to potential customers. It should be easy to read and understand, and should highlight the unique selling points of the product. A good product description should also be concise, avoiding extraneous information or technical jargon that might confuse or bore the reader.

Additionally, a good product description should be engaging and appealing, drawing the reader in and creating interest in the product. This can be achieved through the use of descriptive language, appealing images, and customer reviews or testimonials.

Finally, a good product description should be optimized for SEO, using relevant keywords and phrases to help customers easily find the product online. This will help drive traffic to the product page and increase the chances of making a sale.

At, our product description generation templates offer the ultimate in product description creation. To ensure the best possible outcome, focus on providing pertinent keywords or list the advantages and features of the product.

Bad Product Description Example

Let's take a look what is a bad product description. And learn why it is bad.

"Get this T-Shirt! You'll love it, it's stylish red and make you stand out. You'll totally love it. Buy it today!"

This product description is poorly written and fails to provide any useful information about the product. It doesn't describe the features, benefits, or unique selling points of the product, and the informal, unprofessional tone may turn potential customers off. The lack of detail and use of vague language makes it difficult for customers to understand what the product does or why they should purchase it, leading to a low likelihood of making a sale.

Great Product Description Example

This product description is for Oak tables manufactured by Oaky. Iwas generated with

Experience timeless elegance with Oaky tables. Handcrafted in Canada from the finest Canadian oak, our tables provide the perfect backdrop for family dinners, special occasions, and more.

With a variety of colors to choose from and a lifetime of durability, these tables can be enjoyed by generations to come. Perfect for any home looking for a quality, **custom-built** piece that stands out from the rest.

* Oaky tables are custom-built and perfect for family dinners, lasting through generations with a variety of colors available.

* Hand-crafted from Canadian oak with long-lasting durability, these tables are truly unique and special.

This product description was generated with It is clearly and accurately describes the features and benefits of the product, using descriptive language and specific details to give potential customers a clear understanding of what the product can do. The use of appealing language and emphasis on the product's unique selling points helps to create interest and drive sales. The clear and professional tone instills confidence in the product, while the mention of its user-friendly interface and fast charging capabilities highlights its convenience and practicality. In conclusion, is an outstanding tool for creating product descriptions that are both educational and convincing, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

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